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RALLYTIME SAFETRACK - Safety Tracking System and Timing Data Transmission

Safety is a priority in any sport and rallying is no exception. The RALLYTIME SAFETRACK in-car tracking unit is a compact dashboard-mounted unit with GPS for location, GSM/GPRS for real-time connection to the internet, RF for local comms and a LCD display, displaying stage information for navigators. It's keypad is fitted with pushbuttons which are used for the safety response. In an emergency the occupants press the + and an emergency signal with time and GPS location is sent out via GSM/GPRS networks to Rally HQ and Officials. This emergency signal is also transmitted via radio link(RF) to nearby following competitors as the following car is normally first on the scene. Competitors ahead of the car in emergency or competitors in another stage will not receive this emergency signal. The GPS facility monitors the cars progress and should it stop for longer than 30 seconds in a racing stage without the green OK button being pressed it will sound an audible and visual alarm (siren & red LED). If OK is still not pressed after a further 30 seconds the SAFETRACK will send out an emergency SMS containing the necessary details as mentined above.

Whilst the car is in a racing stage it's location is continuously monitored and the position can be shown in near real time over the internet. This is useful to organisors for location of competitors and for checking that the vehicle is following the correct route. When in a timing control zone the SafeTrack is connected via the RF radio system to the RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) clock in order to identify the car number to the control and receive time information back. The SAFETRACK, with it's GSM/GPRS connection, is then used to relay this information to the Rally Head Quarters for timing and route location in real time.


All data stored in the RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) clock and the SAFETRACK during an event is available to download via the on board USB(in csv format) or by means of a removeable SD card. To ensure quick and efficient timing transmission and data reliability to the SafeServer and in turn Rally HQ, every car transmitts it's own times and those of all competitors ahead of it. If no GSM/GPRS connection is available the data is stored until the car is in an area where the signal strength is sufficient. SIM cards from 2 different service providers are used in order to alternate transmission of data to the SafeServer and Rally HQ.

Installation of RTST car bracket



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