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RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) - Rally Timing Equipment

The new RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) now becomes radio linked!

Ever wonder how the timing, route monitoring and safety tracking of Rally cars racing at high speeds on country roads with clouds of dust, through forests, rivers and across deserts, is done?. As one of our niche market products, Instrotech / DPM (Comtest Group) designs and manufactures rally timing equipment, and has done so for 29 years. All the South African National Rally Championship events, the African Rally Championship and South African Regional Rally Championship events are timed with RALLYTIME.

Rally Timing systems have been sold to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Australia and Jamaica, to name but a few and are used for air race timing in South Africa.

The new RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) is based on it's predecessor which successfully introduced the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) time signals to synchronise all clocks to the same timebase. The ((TR)) (Transmit/Receive) is now included to eliminate cables between the Flying Finish and End / Stop Controls, transmitting data between these controls and also the competing cars if SAFETRACK is installed.

The RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) is universal in it's operation. Each timing clock has 19 controls and can be set up as a Start Control (with ultrasonic beam for jump starts), Flying Finish (with accurate microwave timing beams), End Control (with large display of FF time & Stage Time), Open Control, Service Park or Parc Ferme.

The RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) includes the Master Clock control which can be used to display GPS synced time on a XL display at documentation. Other new controls such as PA Van for public announcing at special or super special stages and Sweep Control for downloading clock times from other clocks via RF, make the latest generation Rallytime timing clock very useful and versatile.

Additional advances to the system include optional microwave barriers that can trigger at high speed in rainy or dusty conditions. The inputs allow for two pairs of barriers which can be set at a meter apart to avoid activation from pedestrians. These industrial quality barriers are easy to setup, have a maximum range of 10 meters, a response time of less than 10 milliseconds (0,01 secs) and have been proved reliable in rally conditions. For simpler, lower cost applications the inputs can accept hand-held pushbuttons or ultrasonic beams

Rallytime SafeTrack(Powerpoint 3.4MB)

Rallytime Safetrack (PDF 670kb).

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